Animals park and leisure park Ferleiten


The animal park Ferleiten is directly at the Grossglocknerstrasse and offers on ca. 15 hectares the view on more than 200 animals. Children can watch wolves, brown bears, lynxes, bisons, nasal bears and racoons can as well as deer and chamois. In the midst of the area there is a big pond with a lot of seats and an observation tower. Teaching notice boards and diagrammes inform about flora and fauna of the alps.

Children can pet animals such as dwarfs, goats, donkeys, ponys and sheeps. The walking time at the animal park Ferleiten will be app. one hour. The ways are suitable for buggeys and wheel chairs. Beside the animals park, there is a leisure park and a big playground for children.


Travelling time
Staying time
Pick up from the Hotel
according to desire
Visit of the Parks
ca. 3 Std
Drive back to Hotel
last time


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Animals park

Animals park

leisure park Ferleiten

Link: Wildpark Ferleiten

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