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Who doesn’t know the charming Mozart city, Salzburg, the capital of the province of Salzburg. The incomparable city, many interesting attractions and personalities related to it, such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was born in 1756 in Salzburg, made it famous all over the world. Events like the Salzburger Festspiele, which are held annually by the end of July to the end of August, are attracting many people who are interested in culture.

Our first stop will be Hellbrunn castle. The Renaissance castle you can have a look behind the curtain, how beautiful and gorgeous the flowerbeds were in former times. Also the water games are world famous made by archbishop Sittikus, a fascinating but also a little wet fun for young and old.

Afterwards we are visiting the the centre of Salzburg, the birthplace of the great Amadeus Mozart, or the magnificent cathedral, with its famous bell tower. You have 4 hours, in the beautiful old city explore, or just having walk at the Getreidegasse, with its small elegant boutiques to shop.


Picl up from hotel
08:45 - 09:00
Visit from Castle Hellbrunn
09:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
City tour
12:30 - 13:00
Free Program
13:00- 16:30
Drive back to hotel
16:30 - 18:30


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birthplace of Amadeus Mozart

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